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Scale Management

Backs to Basics

Invafresh’s Scale Management software provides retailers with central control over all in-store labeling devices and supports most makes and models of scales and printers. This offers retailers the flexibility to choose the scale equipment and manufacturer that best suits their stores. 

Beyond asset management, retailers can also centrally manage all item data, regulatory/compliance information, and multimedia required to support in-store labeling and create engaging customer experiences. 

Features & Functionality

  • Manage scales from different vendors using one common interface, giving you more options when upgrading older scales.
  • Improve your response efficiency when dealing with offline scales or data problems through remote management and centralized visibility of your entire scale network.
  • Send data to more devices than scales, including label printers, e-commerce platforms, electronic shelf labels, self-service kiosks, and more.
  • Flexibly scale concurrent communication to hundreds of scales simultaneously to ensure that large critical updates, such as ad breaks, are completed on time.
  • Utilize our advanced batch management – including effective dates and times, retry logic, and automated reload – to ensure all updates, pricing, and label data are applied correctly to in-store devices.
  • Benefit from regulatory support for new mandates, such as nutritional, ingredient, or allergen labeling.
  • Improve the proactivity and effectiveness of your Help Desk with detailed logging and system alerts.  

Benefits of Our Solution

  • Achieve 100% price and data integrity across all in-store weighing and labeling devices. This improves customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance, and helps avoid lost revenue.
  • Our open systems approach lowers equipment costs by letting you purchase weighing/labeling equipment from multiple suppliers.
  • By minimizing scale downtime and maximizing data integrity, your Help Desk will have faster response and repair times, which improves in-store staff satisfaction.
  • Eliminate losses due to theft by using our remote scale data management to prevent in-store price overrides on scales.
  • Create an engaging customer experience by keeping your customer-facing promotional multimedia content fresh and relevant.
  • Our high degree of scalability ensures that you’re investing in a solution that grows with your evolving and expanding business.

The Right Fit. The Right Choice.

Choosing a reliable scale management solution is critical to ensuring your scales have accurate pricing, nutritional, and allergen information. Not only will it maximize your profits but it will also keep your customers happy and safe.

However, managing a complex and diverse scale network means you’ll need a team you can rely on. Invafresh consistently receives high marks from our user community on the quality of our customer support when compared to their experience with other providers. In fact, the feedback we often receive is: “It just works.”

The Results are In…

Scale Management results for clients


As grocery prices continue to rise because of inflation and supply chain issues, shoppers want to ensure they aren’t accidentally overpaying for specific items. Incredibly, a recent NBC 7 Consumer Investigation uncovered that at some local grocery chains, some scales were weighing meat and produce as much as half a pound heavier than what the customer was receiving. Given today’s environment, grocery retailers need to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Accurate pricing between your store’s scales and POS system is critical to maintaining profit, integrity, and trust between yourself and your customers. Today’s scale management software is drastically different from what was available years ago. It is time for grocery retailers to upgrade to the future of scale management and embrace the efficiency, flexibility and accuracy that comes with it. Whether you deploy on-premises or in our cloud, Invafresh’s world-class architecture gives you the performance and reliability you need so that you can focus on your business.

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