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Brandon Barna Wins 2023 Excellence in Customer Service Award

Customer Service Award_Brandon Barna

We are incredibly excited to announce that our Senior Director, Customer Success, Brandon Barna, has been named a winner of the 2023 Excellence in Customer Service Award. 

This award is presented by the Business Intelligence Group and given to an executive or organizational leader who is helping their company better communicate with their customers to provide a differentiated level of customer service. 

As the requirements and needs of our global grocery customers continue to shift, the industry must welcome a new generation of leaders. These individuals with fresh perspectives align with the evolving nature of the food industry and are committed to innovation and unique solutions to overcome today’s unique grocery operations challenges. 

As Senior Director, Customer Success, Brandon is at the forefront of creating new and innovative industry best practices and processes that push the boundaries of customer service and drive customer value to achieve optimal business results for our clients.   

Having spent the past 12 years with Invafresh, Brandon has become known across the organization as a change agent, a problem solver, and a pragmatic leader. His passion for making a difference has led him to develop strong, lasting relationships with customers and deliver solutions to our customers to help them realize their goals of increasing revenue, reducing food waste, maintaining customer loyalty, and ensuring that all levels of their organization are benefiting from the Invafresh Fresh Food Retail Platform. 

Brandon is extremely customer focused and has worked tirelessly to refine processes to ensure our clients benefit from a seamless onboarding program that builds a strong foundation right from the beginning to ensure successful implementation and enterprise-wide roll-out of Invafresh’s Fresh Retail Platform. Brandon’s outcome-focused approach empowers employees with the right tools and training to ensure strong software adoption and guarantees our customers get the full return on investment from our solutions.

"I am humbled and honored to receive this award for excellence in customer service. Working with our grocery retail clients and helping them maximize the potential of our software has been a truly fulfilling experience. Seeing the impact of our technology on their operations and the resulting improved shopping experiences, is what motivates me every day.”
Brandon Barna
Senior Director, Customer Success

“I believe that exceptional customer service is not just about solving problems, but also about building strong relationships and creating value for our clients,” adds Barna. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this amazing team and contribute to our mission of transforming the grocery retail industry.” 

We’re ecstatic to see that Brandon’s accomplishments and efforts are being rewarded. Brandon demonstrates an extraordinary commitment to the continuous improvement of our enterprise solution and plays a vital role in helping us respond to our clients’ needs and the macro challenges within the grocery retail industry. 

You can read the official announcement on the BIG Innovation Awards page here.

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