Commissary Fulfillment Solutions brief

Commissary Fulfillment
Solution Brief

With Invafresh Commissary Fulfillment, grocery retailers can add a layer of intelligence and automation to their commissary production planning, which is known to be both complex to forecast and scale. Find out how our Commissary Fulfillment solution can work for you. 

Benefits to Invafresh Commissary Fulfillment

1 centralized source of recipe truth
100% standardization of recipes
24% reduction in shrink
50% reduction in replenishment time
Full visibility to store demand
Commissary Fulfillment

What’s Included  

In the face of quickly changing distribution cycles and consumer preferences, grocers must be able to accurately forecast inventory and labor requirements to meet production for commissary operations. This brief includes all the information you need to know about our Commissary Fulfillment solution, including:  

  • Key Features 
  • Use Cases 
  • Benefits

The Invafresh Difference  

Our Commissary Fulfillment solution delivers real-time visibility and control over your fresh inventory, helping you to efficiently manage recipes, pricing, sourcing, nutrition labelling, and more. Learn how Invafresh Commissary Fulfillment can optimize your fresh grocery operations by using AI-powered software to anticipate demand, manage production, and reduce waste. 

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Commissary Fulfillment - Solution Brief

Learn how optimize your fresh grocery operations by delivering real-time visibility and control over your fresh inventory.

Commissary Fulfillment Solutions brief

Grocery retailers are facing production planning challenges due to changing demand and labor shortages. Built on an innovative and intuitive mobile-centric user interface, Invafresh’s Fresh Retail Platform automates production planning for grocery retailers by providing real-time updates to plans based on critical in-store data, such as inventory and demand, enabling retailers to accurately forecast labor requirements to optimize limited resources and changing consumer demands.

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