NRF 2024: The Big Show, Key Takeaways

NRF 2024

NRF 2024 – Retail’s Biggest Show was a vibrant hub of innovation, attracting over 40,000 global attendees and showcasing 6,200 brands. This year’s theme, “MAKE IT MATTER,” encapsulated a drive towards impactful and transformative retail strategies in an evolving economic climate. 

In the new Foodservice Innovation Zone, our Chief Customer Officer, Sarah Sandberg conducted an insightful interview with Price Chopper/Market 32’s Director of Retail Operations, Pat Iannotti, delving into our successful partnership and journey toward transformative change in the sector. This engaging exchange showed the pivotal role of innovation in shaping the future of a retailer’s success and the importance of a relationship between solution provider and store. 

Below, we highlight some key takeaways and insights from NRF 2024:

State of the Economy: A Focus for Grocery Retail

At NRF 2024, Jack Kleinhenz, NRF’s chief economist, presented a “guarded optimism” outlook for 2024’s economy, acknowledging the possibility of a temporary downturn. This forecast is particularly impactful for grocery retail, which is currently grappling with inflation and geopolitical uncertainties.

While retailers have certainly innovatively responded to recent challenges, it faces continued complexities like constrained growth capital and stagnant labor growth.

Notably, the retail industry experienced over 4 million job openings in the past year, a trend unlikely to significantly change in 2024. AI emerges as a key solution, offering transformative potential in hiring, training and retention, task management systems and guided and personalized processes.

AI: The Unstoppable Force in Retail

AI’s transition from a buzzword to an essential retail component was clear. It’s now crucial for retailers to effectively integrate AI into their operations, particularly in grocery retail, for shrink and waste reduction, inventory management, and enhancing customer and employee experiences.

The focus for retailers is on blending AI with human insight, ensuring decisions and experiences are both data-driven and personalized. AI’s role is expanding across all retail aspects, from pricing and forecasting to employee retention, highlighting its transformative power in the industry.

The Fresh Factor in Grocery Retail 

This year’s NRF event highlighted a remarkable global interest in grocery retail, evidenced by the notable increase in international visitors at both the show and our booth. We saw a significant rise in international visitors, reflecting the global impact of grocery retail.

A prominent trend is the increasing demand for fresh food, extending beyond traditional grocery stores to venues like convenience stores, stadiums, departments stores, book stores, and airports. This surge aligns with the growing trend of health-conscious consumerism.

Technology specializing in precise fresh forecasting will become vital to help diversify retail environments. These innovations are helping transform retail spaces into destinations of convenience and quality, where the integration of fresh offerings is not only enhancing the shopping experience but also opening new possibilities for industry growth and consumer engagement.

Circularity: The Evolutionary Path for Grocery Retail

NRF’s focus on circularity, crucial in both all sectors of retail, underscores the urgent need to address food waste in retail.

In 2023, retailers produced 4.99 million tons of surplus food, with a significant portion contributing to environmental waste. AI-enabled solutions are pivotal in this context, delivering precise forecasts, optimizing food production, minimizing waste, and connecting retailers with charitable organizations to aid in the rising food insecurity crisis.

These efforts are part of a larger movement toward sustainable grocery practices, including educating consumers and enhancing supply chain transparency in compliance with the FDA’s FSMA Rule 204. By employing a comprehensive “circular” approach, these strategies will help grocery retailers reach sustainability and traceability goals heading into this new year.

Shaping the Future: NRF 2024 Highlights for Grocery Retail

Retail’s Biggest Show illuminated the path toward sustainability and innovation for grocery retailers worldwide.  

We had the privilege of engaging in enlightening discussions with prominent grocery retailers, existing partners, and friends of the industry.
Thank you to everyone who stopped by and the team for another exciting show in the big city!

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