4 Reasons why Invafresh is the Leading Fresh Item Management Software for Forward-Thinking Grocers

Invafresh Leading Fresh Management Software

A common question our team is asked by fresh retailers looking to grow their operations with a new fresh item management system is, “How can you ensure our success?” We welcome this question because it gives us a chance to explain why leading grocers choose Invafresh as their technology partner.

It all comes down to the people behind the software. The driving force of Invafresh’s success is our team of fresh experts. With over 30 years of experience in fresh retail, our team understands the unique requirements of fresh. This speaks to the hundreds of successful implementations and the continuous innovation of our fresh-focused suite of solutions.

When you invest in the software itself; you’re investing in the people behind the company. While fresh item management functionality should take top priority, the people you will be working with and the synergy between them and your business will determine how long the software will last and how fast your fresh operations can grow.

Take the time to evaluate the people you speak with at the company and how they interact with you and your team to determine a true fit. To make sure your investment pays off, ask yourself a series of questions such as:

● Are they motivated to continuously improve their product, or do they want a quick sale?

● How much experience do they have in fresh food retail and do they understand the unique needs of your fresh operations?

● How will they help you contribute to strategic and environmental initiatives such as reducing food waste and driving sustainability?

At Invafresh, we start every project expecting to build a long-term partnership to deliver on our promises as a vital part of our success.

This sets the foundation for the multitude of reasons fresh retailers choose to partner with us. These include:


100% Implementation Success

Fit first!  Before we even ask you to sign on the dotted line, we get to know your team and meet with your key stakeholders to ensure we understand your technical and business requirements to validate we are the right fit for your needs. It’s critical to understand how a potential software solution will align or replace your current infrastructure and help to scale your growth.

Successfully deploying hundreds of projects with some of the largest and most complex fresh retailers in the world, our team of fresh experts understand all and any obstacles and how to overcome them. Our proven, agile, and iterative model delivers 100% implementation success, guaranteed.


We Master Fresh Food Transformation

Profitability is useless on inaccurate transformation logic. Where are you collecting your fresh item transformation data from and how accurate is the information?

Invafresh fresh item management software tracks fresh food transformation at an item level.

For example, you order 50 cases of pineapples. You have various uses for the order – 30 are cut into pieces and packaged into containers, 10 are juiced and the remaining 10 are sold in whole on the shelf. Invafresh indicates the difference in yield for each of these transformations.

Our system also accounts for seasonal changes. Whether you sell pineapples from Mexico one season and pineapples from California months later, Invafresh tracks the difference in the cost of goods and yield. The Mexican pineapples could be producing a yield of 80% while the California ones at 75%.

Pining for pineapples…

Let’s say customers scoop up your pineapple products and demand suddenly increases on these items. How do you figure out how much pineapple you need to order next? Many fresh food retailers who have existing software, even those with CGO systems, still struggle with manual ordering and guesswork.

With Invafresh, fresh retailers track the demand for each transformation. Our fresh item management system automates fresh ordering and lets you know the exact number of pineapple cases required to meet your full sales demand, including both whole and transformed pineapples. Our software understands the full yield and demand for the entire produce department and translates that demand into how many cases of each fresh food item you need to order.

Invafresh consolidates this information to drive efficient workflows resulting in labor savings. It indicates the collective number of ingredients that store associates are required to collect from the backroom to fulfill all pineapple-related recipes and products. Fresh retailers can reduce as much as an hour of labor on this process alone.


The Real Cost of Fresh Food Items

Many fresh food retailers have the wrong insights on their overall revenue which leads to “unknown paper loss”. Cost of goods is typically a key culprit in these discrepancies. Invafresh enables store-level tracking of fresh food costing. As a result, true costing data within our system allows entire franchises to ensure their margins are correct.

Let’s revisit the pineapple example. The cost of the pineapple can vary depending on the location of the distribution center to the location of the retail store. If a pineapple from one supplier comes from 1 mile away, and another 100 miles away, one pineapple could cost $4.99/each while the other costs $3.00/each.

Many existing systems or manual methods fail to record the differences in true product cost often marking all pineapples at one price resulting in revenue loss. Retailers end up unknowingly selling the pineapple that costs $4.99/each at a selling price of $3.00.

Our fresh item management system also tracks how much labor time is spent to produce transformed sellable fresh food items. The cost of packaging is also calculated as part of our recipe calculations. For pineapples that are cut and packaged, Invafresh includes the cost of the packaging as one of the costs for the entire sellable item.

More on Invafresh’s Team of Fresh Experts

As mentioned earlier, Invafresh’s team of fresh experts are the key to our success. Customers choose Invafresh and more importantly, grow with us long-term with the help of our experienced customer success team and robust training programs developed by our fresh experts.

Long after the sale is made, we work with fresh retailers to ensure successful change management and adoption of our software to help our customers get the most out of the investment.

“The best part of my job is helping our customers realize the true value of our solutions and my job is not complete until I help them become industry leaders in the grocery retail industry. Our team works directly with fresh food retailers to ensure we are aligned when it comes to achieving goals of increasing revenue, reducing food waste, driving sustainability, keeping their customers loyal, and ensuring that all levels of their organization are satisfied with our solutions.” -Russ Newall, Vice President of Customer Success

Another reason fresh food retailers choose and build long-term partnerships with us is that we are aligned with them on our mission. We are a team of fresh foodies driven to help fresh retailers not only grow their operations but to solve some of the most important and time-sensitive challenges impacting the health of our planet and consumers. Facilitating sustainability, reducing food waste, and improving food safety are some of the purposeful goals Invafresh’s leading fresh item management technology delivers for its grocery retail customers.

Get to know our team and learn more about how our fresh item management system can meet the unique needs of your fresh operations and help you create a healthier planet and consumer.

About Invafresh

With a combined 500+ years of Freshology experience, the heritage of Invafresh has enabled fresh food retailers to create extraordinary store operations performance and differentiated customer experiences. As the leader of Freshology, Invafresh is deployed in over 350 grocery retailers spanning a global reach of 35 countries with more than $100 million of Fresh revenue being transacted daily, to provide AI/ML demand forecasting, merchandising, replenishment, and sustainability and compliance solutions.  

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