Solution Brief

Fresh Ordering Solution Brief

Ordering Solution Brief

Ordering fresh items for your grocery retail operations is critical to minimize inventory touches while maintaining a consistent in-stock position. Find out how our Ordering software can work for you.

Benefits to Invafresh Ordering Software

50% reduction in replenishment time
6% reduction in inventory storage costs
24% reduction in shrink
Reduce in-store labor hours
Ensure maximum freshness

The Invafresh Difference  

Uncover hidden labor, cost-savings, and reduce waste with the only fresh ordering system capable to handle the unique ability to replenish backroom inventories for all your fresh food categories regardless of how items are sourced, used in fresh production, or sold directly.

Be the Best in Fresh with Invafresh

0 %

Food waste

$ 0 K

Realized annual

10 %

Less time
checking dates

0 %

Reduction in
backroom inventory

0 %

More revenue
from markdowns

0 %

Fresh sales

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