The New Standard of Food Traceability

Food Traceability
  • In the wake of major recalls, consumers are demanding more transparency into food safety and health awareness. This creates a much more complex global food supply process. 
  • The grocery business must be able to track and trace their suppliers’ products to the final destination. 
  • As grocers up their game with restaurant-style take-home meals and food services, retailers are faced with a growing list of SKUs to track in their already large and varied inventory.  

With consumers calling for stronger tracking methods and higher standards, accountability is placed on the grocer. Times are changing, and it has become more important than ever to know where their fresh seafood, produce, and meat are coming from. With Invafresh’s USDA-compliant traceability solution, you can track, trace, and monitor fresh food movements from their points of origin to their retail destinations with real-time data. This increases the quality of your products while meeting regulatory requirements. 


Invafresh’s device agnostic Food Traceability module runs on all devices (iOS and Android) and offers GS1-128 barcode scanning and intelligent text prediction. This allows users to scan backroom products and capture attributes like GTIN, establishment, vendor, SKU/UPC, batch/lot number, serial number, expiration date, country of origin, and more. With all this information on hand, corporate managers can track whether a division, district, store, or department is compliant with the minimum number of station grinder cleans, batch trims, and trace grinds per day.  


We all fear the dreaded recall – but before you go into panic mode, it’s important to have a recall plan laid out with your vendors, suppliers, and in-house staff. With Invafresh’s Food Traceability module you’ll be able to view all products associated with the recall, highlight the stores they were delivered to with their quantities, and easily notify any affected stores through the message board. Our robust fresh food traceability can identify problems lightning-fast, effectively reducing recalls at retail locations, liability in case of food safety issues, and publicity regarding food safety issues. Overall, this results in significant protection for public health and operations.  


Monitoring does not exist without the solid foundation provided by Track and Trace. It is important to ensure a streamlined, efficient, and safe recall process with proper traceability. An easily adoptable system at all levels provides a clear source and destination path of your products, meaning all items will meet regulatory compliance.  

Remember, easy adoption = regulatory compliance! 

Today’s definition of transparency and food safety is very different from 20 years ago, but society is far different than it was then as well. Now, more and more people are advocating for increased transparency and intention over the food they eat, including the treatment of livestock, the organics of crops, the procedures behind processed foods, and the way everything is preserved and transported from farm to store.  

There’s no doubt that the food industry has become much more complex than it was before, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s important to stay up to date with the changing times, and Invafresh’s excellent traceability technology is all you’ll need to ensure that you’re pioneering the way toward a healthier and fresher store.  

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With a combined 500+ years of Freshology experience, the heritage of Invafresh has enabled fresh food retailers to create extraordinary store operations performance and differentiated customer experiences. As the leader of Freshology, Invafresh is deployed in over 350 grocery retailers spanning a global reach of 35 countries with more than $100 million of Fresh revenue being transacted daily, to provide AI/ML demand forecasting, merchandising, replenishment, and sustainability and compliance solutions.  

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