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Celebrating Excellence in Sustainability: Our Triumph at DI’s Tech Excellence Awards 2023

DI Tech Award

We are thrilled to announce that Invafresh Europe Team has achieved a remarkable victory at the prestigious “DI’s Tech Excellence Awards 2023.” Hosted by Dagens Industri (DI), Sweden’s leading financial newspaper, this event is a beacon of recognition in the tech world. We had the honor of securing the coveted title of “Sustainability Initiative of the Year,” a testament to our unwavering commitment to reducing food waste in the grocery industry.

DI, akin to the United States’ Wall Street Journal, has been a reputable institution since 1976. Winning an award from a prestigious platform is a source of immense pride and underscores our team’s dedication to innovation and sustainability. 

The competition was fierce, with tech giants like Alfa Laval, Scania, and Microsoft also being nominated. However, our project, ICAx, officially known as the “Wasteless Store,” stood out. This project, developed in collaboration with our largest Swedish customer, ICA Gruppen, is at the heart of our mission to combat food waste.

In a pilot project involving several ICA stores, we harnessed the power of AI to achieve an astonishing 30 percent reduction in food waste. The impact is not just noteworthy but incredibly scalable. We’re now set to take this revolutionary solution to 1,300 stores, emphasizing the vast potential for creating a significant difference. 

The esteemed jury at DI’s Tech Excellence Awards was not only impressed by our achievements but also recognized the endless possibilities of scaling this groundbreaking solution. Our success demonstrates the power of innovation and collaboration, and it serves as an inspiration to all those working toward meaningful change. 

David Hedlund from ICA highlighted the key to our success – a strong partnership with Whywaste (acquired by Invafresh). The interest from ICA retailers is at an all-time high, and we are poised to make this initiative a widespread phenomenon.

The path to a more sustainable future is an ongoing one, and we’re proud to be a part of it. We applaud our team’s dedication to making a real difference and look forward to seeing our groundbreaking solution adopted globally. Congratulations to the team and our partners at ICA on this extraordinary achievement.

You can learn more about the “DI’s Tech Excellence Awards 2023.” here.

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