The #1 Freshology Platform.

Designed for fresh food retail operations

A new standard
of Freshology in cloud

Freshology is the technology + data that deals with fresh food retail operations and its science and especially with demand forecasting.

Invafresh is the leader of freshology with its unified platform to process and manage demand forecasting for all processes across fresh food retail merchandising, replenishment, and compliancy and sustainability.

Features that make Invafresh the #1 platform for managing fresh food retail operations.

A solutions portfolio to cover all core operations in fresh food retail. One common software foundation, unified data and forecasting engine enables modular, low code integration of solutions.

From merchandising solutions to sense, forecast and generate demand effectively, replenishment to order, produce, fulfil stock in the right amount for just-in-time inventory management and compliancy and sustainability solutions to reduce shrink and comply with quality, safety, and integrity governance.

Fully modular

Adaptive to all needs. Enables think big, start small, move fast deployments.

Intelligent forecasting

One demand sensing forecast engine for all solutions to power workflow automation and data-driven operations and decisioning.

Complementary to X

Connect to any data source and 3rd party system with APIs and connectors.

Cloud, mobile and actionable insights

Designed for cloud and the highest usability for actionable insights.

Slide Demand forecasting Recipe management Scale management


Fresh ordering
In-Store production Commissary fulfilment Inventory management


Food waste reduction
Food traceability
Nutrition label printing

Compliancy & Sustainability

Fresh intelligent forecasting

Predict Plan Produce Perform

Data integrations + data integrity

Data modelling + data input + algorithm development/ machine learning

Workflow design + automations

One forecast. One truth.
All forecasts are not the same.

Common intelligent forecasting works as single source of truth for decisioning and operations across all points of customer experience – demand, production, availability, and delivery.

The Invafresh intelligent forecasting engine powers and unifies to predict, plan, produce, and perform.

Forecast accurately…

  • Volume
    Demand not just everyday but multiple times a day for all purposes from store to corporate.
  • Velocity 
    Gain accurate forecasts based off of perpetual inventory in the moment.
  • Veracity
    We take care of data integrity so that users truly trust the forecast.
  • Variety
    Built on forecasting algorithms across thousands of data sources.
  • Value
    Our forecast engine constantly adapts to demand at store level.

… to operate better

  • Predict
    Anticipate consumer needs, wants, and demands accurately in the moments to avoid shrink and shortage.
  • Plan
    All operations effectively with unified fresh forecasting from corporate to store level.
  • Produce
    Just-in-time, on-demand with the freshest product quality and consistency.
  • Perform 
    Intelligent forecasting proactively luminates inefficiencies and resource waste to power continuous performance improvement.

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