Why Invafresh

Why Invafresh

Why Invafresh

Food Waste Management

Helping Global Grocers Transform Their Fresh Food Retail Operations

Invafresh is accelerating the digital transformation of fresh food retail operations with the only centralized platform solution designed for the perimeter store. Enhanced by AI and built-in analytics, our solution enables grocers to optimize merchandising and replenishment processes while prioritizing compliancy and sustainability. 

Our Story

Invafresh has consistently leveraged the latest technologies to deliver industry-first solutions to grocery retailers. In 2003 we introduced the very first online scale management technology, trailblazing into the category leader position and quickly becoming the industry standard for scale management. Continuing to push the boundaries of innovation, in 2008 we launched the first generation of our Fresh Retail Platform. Introducing the market to intelligent fresh forecasting, our software was built on early versions of AI and ML, long before the hype. 

Today, Invafresh technology is implemented in 300 grocery retailers across 18 countries. We have expanded our Fresh Retail Platform to provide proven solutions for merchandising, replenishment, and compliance & sustainability. These modules include Demand Forecasting, Recipe Management, Scale Management, Ordering, Production Planning, Inventory Management, Commissary Fulfillment, Food Waste Reduction, Food Traceability, and Nutrition Label Printing. 

Today, our cloud-native platform is the only solution to offer built-in analytics. Looking ahead, we remain committed to seeking new technologies and delivering the products and services grocery retailers require to address the unique challenges of fresh food retail operations.

Our Story
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We’re constantly advancing our cloud solutions, functionality and services to meet the changing needs of our global grocer customers. Our goal is always to develop solutions that will enhance the user experience and help perform in-store tasks more efficiently whether the user is a store associate or a c-level executive. It is this mindset paired with our incredible team of Freshologists that allowed Invafresh to grow and to see continued success.


Tim Spencer
CEO & Freshologist

A Track Record of Proven Success

Growing profits in fresh is only the beginning. Together, we not only win in fresh, but also create 
healthier lifestyles and protect the planet to keep vital and relevant today, and into the future.




Grocery retailers using Invafresh


Customer labor efficiency




Of fresh food revenue transactions daily


Forecasting accuracy in fresh demand




Fresh sales growth across perimeter operations


Shrink reduction




Of food waste eliminated annually


Regulatory compliancy

Our purpose

Think forward. Think fresh.

We are here to inspire the world to think forward and think fresh.

We want to transform fresh food retail operations to create a fresher, healthier, safer, and more sustainable lifestyle for grocers and consumers alike.

Our commitment

To be best in Fresh.

We work with fresh food retailers around the globe to help them understand the importance of technology and automation in delivering the freshest experience possible to win in fresh, today.

Our mandate is clear 

Freshologists building Freshology.

Driven by customer success, our Freshologists are on a mission to transform fresh food retail operations and accelerate the adoption of technology in the grocery industry.

The Invafresh Difference

A fresh combination unlike any other.

Industry Freshologists

We do it right the first time. Our team of in-house fresh experts have over 500 years of combined industry experience working with leading fresh food grocers.


We have learned best practices based on over 20,000 successful fresh retail implementations. 

Customer Driven Success

Our tried and tested agile iterative delivery model adapts to retailers and their operations. 

Cloud Native Technology

Securely access your data and gain actionable insights to run your retail operations.

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