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Maximizing Margins and Minimizing Waste

Stater Bros. Markets finds success with Invafresh’s powerful markdown solution. New and improved processes help the grocer recover margins and minimizes shrink.

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Stater Bros

Maximizing Margins and Minimizing Waste

Given the high volume of recipes in their fresh operations, Northgate launched an initiative to streamline their recipe management to deliver consistent sellable items and meet California regulatory requirements.

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Stater Bros
The Challenge

Stater Bros. Markets, a leading supermarket chain in Southern California, faced the daunting task of reducing overwhelming shrink and gaining better control over their markdowns. They struggled to find a markdown solution that could simplify the in-store markdown process, provide centralized control over eligible items, and determine optimal price points to maximize revenue. Their existing system lacked comprehensive markdown controls and data analytics, leading to challenges and limitations in post-implementation support. 

Stater Bros Challenge
Stater Bros Solution
The Solution

With Invafresh’s powerful markdown solution, Stater Bros. recovered margin on products, identified optimal markdown price points, and minimized reductions from the full retail price. Guided by Invafresh’s Customer Success team, Stater Bros. implemented best practices for managing markdown sales at the POS and achieved standardized markdown management practices across the chain. The user-friendly interface of Invafresh’s markdown manager led to high adoption rates and centralized control over markdowns, ensuring consistency and empowering store associates.

The Results

Thanks to Invafresh’s markdown manager, Stater Bros.’ leadership team gained valuable insights into the number of items sold at each markdown price point. The interface facilitated both percentage and dollar value markdowns, enabling centralized management and control over markdown processes. 

The success of Invafresh’s markdown solution prompted Stater Bros. to expand markdowns beyond fresh departments, with plans to upgrade to GS1 markdown technology in partnership with Invafresh. This upgrade will further enhance markdown accuracy, security, and fraud prevention while improving the POS process for store associates and providing tonnage tracking capabilities. 

Stater Bros Results

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