Solution Brief

Donation Management

Donation Management
Solution Brief

Streamline the process of diverting surplus food to charities in need.
Discover how our Donation Management solution can help you ensure no food is wasted.

Your Benefits with Invafresh Donation Management

Track and visualize impact of donations over time
Streamline and digitize the donation process
Contribute to the community and reduce food waste while giving back to the community simultaneously
Donation Management benefits

The Invafresh Difference  

Our efficient Donation Management solution, empowers giving by connecting donors and charities in real time, preventing food waste, streamlining the process, and offering visual insights into your positive impact.

With real-time communication, instant acceptance, and effortless data management, we make donations a simple and successful endeavor.

Be the Best in Fresh with Invafresh

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Food waste

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Realized annual

10 %

Less time
checking dates

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Reduction in
backroom inventory

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More revenue
from markdowns

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Fresh sales

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