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In Conversation with John Bishop: The Fresh Market's Tech Revolution with Invafresh

Join us as we sit down with John Bishop, Group Vice President of Operations at The Fresh Market, to delve into the innovative strategies propelling them forward in this dynamic landscape.

Explore how the Invafresh Fresh Retail platform, powered by AI and advanced analytics, drives optimization across every department, revolutionizes their business, and establishes a new benchmark for fresh grocery retail.

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Webinar Speakers:

John Bishop

John Bishop

Group Vice President of Retail Operations
The Fresh Market

The Fresh Market

Joe Smirlies

Joe Smirlies 

Senior Vice President Product Management

Gina Acosta

Gina Acosta

Progressive Grocer 


Progressive Grocer

Watch this on-demand webinar showcasing the new and inventive ways that The Fresh Market are leveraging automation, AI, and analytics to boost sales, profits, and customer satisfaction. 

You will:

Discover the right way to optimize in-store processes now
Uncover how automation can improve labor efficiencies and improve customer experience
Learn to leverage AI and analytics to deliver the freshest experience to your shoppers
The Fresh Market

In this exclusive on-demand webinar, you’ll: 

Uncover how The Fresh Market optimized their in-store processes effectively.
Learn firsthand how automation has revolutionized labor efficiencies, ultimately enhancing the customer experience.
Gain insights into how The Fresh Market leveraged AI and analytics to create the freshest shopping experience for their customers.

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover how The Fresh Market’s innovative approach can inspire your own success in the grocery retail industry.

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