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Food Waste Reduction Solution Brief

Waste Capture
Solution Brief

The first step to tackling the challenges of reducing food waste in fresh food retail is to accurately identify which items, categories and departments are contributing to systemic known loss. Find out how our Waste Capture solution can help you do that.

Benefits to Invafresh Waste Capture Software

30% excess shrink reduction
+2 days fresh food shelf life guaranteed
3% in-stock improvement
1% sales increase
$150M food waste eliminated annually

The Invafresh Difference  

Invafresh’s Waste Capture solution provides an efficient and accurate way to collect known loss data as it happens and uses the data to provide the insights required to tackle excess shrink. When this solution is used in conjunction with our Production Planning and Ordering solutions, more extensive food waste reduction outcomes can be realized by implementing better just-in-time production and fulfillment processes.

Be the Best in Fresh with Invafresh

0 %

Food waste

$ 0 K

Realized annual

10 %

Less time
checking dates

0 %

Reduction in
backroom inventory

0 %

More revenue
from markdowns

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Fresh sales

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